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Burkina Faso- Dargo- drinking water access and irrigation in the village of Yaongo.


Experts-Solidaires is partnering with the Yaongo Village Development Association (ADVY) to set up a drinking water and irrigation network in the village of Yaongo, in the commune of Dargo, in the North East of Ouagadougou. The project aims to improve access to drinking water and irrigation water for the 2,800 inhabitants of Yaongo with the objective of improving their health, reducing the hardship associated with water, developing the economy by improving agricultural water management. Three components will be addressed:

1- drinking water: construction of a water network, training and awareness-raising

2- irrigation: construction of tanks and support for agricultural water management

3- solar energy to power the previous two and provide some services.

This project is in line with the Burkina Faso 2015 national plan for the provision of drinking water and sanitation, which states that: the state plans, municipalities are the owners, NGOs contribute to the realization on the ground and the people contribute to the work.


  • A drinking water tower
  • A water distribution network with private connections and 2 public standpipes
  • An irrigation tank
  • A solar power plant of 4.5 KWp
  • A technical service room for electrified services


Drinking Water

  • All the inhabitants of the village center have access to the drinking water of the network;
  • The burden of collecting / transporting water for women has decreased significantly;
  • The entire population has access to an uncontaminated source of water

Agricultural Water

  • The villagers have an irrigation water management system
  • A cistern and a small irrigation scheme allow new crops;

Energy Component

  • Pumping of water is ensured on a permanent basis
  • The village has access to communication  in a sustainable way and to audiovisual services 
  • The village has a fridge capable of keeping medicines or vaccines 


  • Improved access to drinking water and sanitation in the village to improve the health of populations and reduce the hassle of collecting and transporting water;
  • Improved agricultural water management to ensure food security and improve incomes;
  • Provide basic electrified services.


  • Association ADVY
  • Association RExAD
  • Commune of Dargo
  • Design office 


  • EDF Foundation
  • Water Agency Rhin Meuse
  • Regional Council of Lorraine
  • Métropole of Lyon
  • Eau of Greater Lyon
  • Métropole Aix Marseille Provence

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