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Morocco, Imi N'Tayert - Marsillargues


This project aims to establish a drinking water network for the villages of Idaoulimit and Imounarim. It is a decentralized cooperation project between the commune of Imi N Tayert in the Arghen valley (Province of Taroudannt, Marroco) and the commune of Marsillargues (department of Hérault, France). The main objective is to improve access to water for the rural populations of this region of the Anti-Atlas. In parallel with the technical realization, the project includes an educational component which translates into a correspondence between the pupils of the two communes. Finally, the project is part of an integrated water resource management process. Local actors (teachers, parents, pupils, users' association, elected officials ...) are trained in good practices in water use, in the management of a drinking water network and in IWRM .

The villages of Idaoulimit and Imounarim are small enclave villages, accessible by the trail, which face a rural exodus. The population is mainly composed of women with their young children and retirees. The majority of working men go to large cities for economic reasons. In the summer, Idaoulimit has 600 inhabitants and Imounarim 450.

A drinking water network existed in the village of Imounarim but did not allow to serve all the houses. Residents  used tanker trucks to fill their tanks. The water could thus stagnate for several months.
The village of Idaoulimit has no drinking water system. The inhabitants are forced to carry water cans from the source located at the bottom of the village.


Project of Drinking Water Supply  of the village of Imounarim

  • Equipment for a drilling depth of 104 m
  • A pumping station (flow rate 1 l / s, HMT 150 m)
  • A semi-buried 20 m3 tank located above the village
  • A 2,300 ml supply and distribution network (63 mm DE and 50 mm)
  • 64 counter connections

Idaoulimit Village Water Supply Project

  • Equipment of a flowing source 1.5 l / s
  • A pumping station (flow rate 1.5 l / s, HMT 95 m)
  • A tank of 20 m3
  • A 2950 ml supply and distribution network (DE 75 mm and DE 50 mm)
  • 103 meter connections


  • 1050 inhabitants have access to drinking water on the 2 villages
  • The management of DWS networks is sustainable through the association of users
  • Links created between the 2 territories (Arghen and Hérault) at the level of the schools


  • Improvement of the inhabitants' living conditions
  • Improving health
  • Improved management of water resources in the Arghen valley


  • Commune of Marsillargues 
  • Commune Rural of Imi N Tayart
  • Association of the villages of Imounarim and Idaoulimit
  • Agrosparitech-ENGREF
  • FCI Development Office
  • Taroudant Water Service


  • Water Agency Rhône Méditerranée Corsica
  • County Council 34
  • Syndicat Mixte Garrigues-Campagne (SMGC)
  • Egis Foundation
  • SIWA-FGTO Foundation


The network of the Imounarim village was inaugurated in May 2017. Work is underway for the village of Idaoulimit.

Additional Info

  • Pays: Maroc
  • Localisation: Bassin de L'Arghen, Province de Taroudannt
  • Experts: David Lion, Jean-Pierre Mahé
  • Domaines: