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Togo, Mango, Water Access and Sanitation Project (PAASEA)


Experts-Solidaires supports the Togolese NGOs CDD (Communication for Sustainable Development) and 3ASC in the implementation of a project to improve access to water and sanitation in the city of Mango, Savanes, in the north of Togo.

The project is to support the Mango town hall on the following axes:

  • The reestablishment of an efficient public water service at the standpipes (improved management)
  • The reinforcement of the capacities of municipal control (creation of a water and sanitation entity within the municipal services, training, accompaniment)
  • Awareness and improvement of solid sanitation, a risk factor for water, since the river Oti supplying the city is below
  • The regulation of the price of water at fountains and kiosks

It will also consolidate the activities carried out on Dapaong in terms of waste management and water price regulation.


  • Extension of the network in the neighborhoods
  • Improvement of the treatment plant by SPEAU / TDE
  • Protection of the resource
  • Rehabilitation of 40 existing kiosks and creation of about ten new kiosks
  • Management of kiosks
  • Program Information Education Communication (IEC) and social marketing


  • The drinking water network is more efficient in Mango
  • Improved access to kiosks and standpipes
  • Municipal project management capacities strengthened in Mango
  • Improvement of sanitation conditions
  • The regulation of the price of water at the hydrants is installed in Mango


  • Sustainable improvement of social access to drinking water and sanitation services in Mango
  • Consolidation of social access to the Dapaong water and sanitation service
  • Dissemination of municipal water price regulation at the national level


  • The Togolese Water Company
  • Commune of Mango
  • CSD: Communication and Sustainable Development
  • 3 CSA: Community Health Activities Support Association
  • Neighborhood committees
  • SP Water: Water and Sanitation Heritage Society
  • ARSE: Regulatory Authority of the Electricity Department


  • SEDIF: Water Trade Union of Ile de France
  • Togolese Waters

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