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Madagascar, Ampasindava, rural electrification


Experts-Solidaires assists the rural commune of Mangoaka located in the extreme north of Madagascar in the DIANA region and the Urban Pole Commune Association of Diego Suarez (ACPU DS) in setting up an electrification network in the village of Ampasindava. The objective of this project is to stimulate and promote local development. An integrated multi-actor approach is currently being implemented in this village to intervene on different levers allowing a productive use of electricity. These include intervening on the promotion of rural entrepreneurship, training, support for eco-tourism development and access to micro-credit.

The realization of the network began in November 2016 and will end in March 2017. The first test of the electricity network of Ampasindava was a success and the first spark sprang in the school of the village.


  • 31.1kWc of solar panels
  • Battery storage of 48.4 kWh / day
  • Mini network village BT: 4,5 km
  • The main objective is to equip the village with a network based on renewable energies (31.1 kWp).


  • 815 beneficiaries have access to electricity from an electricity grid
  • 4230 indirectly benefit from electricity (education, health, communication, etc.)
  • 5 generating activities are created or strengthened in the first year
  • Availability of electricity adapted to local economic needs


  • 50 jobs after 5 years
  • 4 tourist facilities, 1 eco-tourist complex operational within 3 years following electrification
  • 20% increase in fishermen's incomes
  • 1 wood workshop operational within 12 months
  • 1 operational welding facility within 12 months
  • 1 complex facilitating the exchange of information and operational communication within 3 years (computer, television, etc.)


  • Rural Commune of Mangoaka: Project Management
  • ACPU DS: Delegated contracting authority -Experts-Solidaires: Assistance à Maitrise d'ouvrage
  • Conseil Départemental du Finistère: Support to the tourism sector
  • Association Maison de Sagesse: Technical training
  • Support Program for Urban Social Dynamics: Rural Entrepreneurship


  • Solar Synergy
  • EDF Foundation
  • Region Occitania
  • Madagascar Rural Electrification Development Agency
  • Association Local Energy Network
  • Association Mad'Eole
  • County Council of Finistère



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Additional Info

  • Pays: Madagascar
  • Localisation: Région de Diana
  • Domaines: