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Benin, Porto Novo, Supporting Songhai NGO in a Insect for Food project

  Criquets comestibles


The project for the development of insects for food in Benin is an agricultural development and food security project. The aim is to set up a chain of edible insects, from livestock to processing and marketing. This provides the population with a very interesting, ecological and affordable source of protein and trace element that will contribute to improving overall food security.

The implementation of this innovative sector for Benin will make it possible to fill a gap in the local production of animal products which is currently offset by massive imports, in particular of frozen products. This project will create a new income- generating activity for farmers.

The VIA project will be conducted in two phases. The first phase, lasting 12 months, will be devoted to the development of a technical protocol for breeding crickets, an insect selected to start the project, under real conditions in Benin. The second phase will aim to disseminate this protocol by training volunteer farmers and raising awareness of the nutritional qualities of insects.


  • Selection of the pilot insect
  • Development of a protocol for the breeding and transformation of the cricket
  • Establishment of equipment and processing line
  • Determination of the nutritional potential of the cricket
  • Market research of insects in Benin


  • The Songhaï Center succeeded in setting up an effective breeding and processing protocol
  • Pupils in the Songhaï Center alone can raise crickets in sufficient quantity and quality for marketing.
  • The breeding protocol is cost-effective and simple to set up.
  • The technical committee of the project develops a range of products mixing crickets meal with traditional meal and meal
  • Participants in the projects are initiated into entomology by entomologists.


  • The Beninese population has access to animal protein sources via the promotion of entomophagy
  • Creation of additional sources of income for agriculture
  • The technical conditions allowing the good diffusion of the protocol of rearing and transformation of the cricket are combined.
  • The socio-economic conditions for the successful marketing of the products are met.


  • Songhaï Training Center


  • Lord Michelham of Hellingly Foundation

A call for donations campaign was launched in November 2015, on the Bluebees platform.

We would like to thank Alain M., Olivier P., Hester J., Remy M., Claudette M., Gilian C., Beatrice L., Annie B., Alain G., Thierry, H.Roger M.Hervé, J Marc B., Edouard L., Alain G., Antoine M., Daniel D., François-Marie P., Jean-P F., Béatrice M., MY W., Luc V., Chloé M., Françoise S., Eric B., Francoise T., Hervé J., Etienne L., Antoine M., Jean-Pierre M. N., Sébastien D., Michel J., Christine M., Murielle K., Hassan-Diane L., Christian P., Sarah B., Philippe P., Martine G., Mireille C., Bernard M., Sophie T., Florence V., Marion P., Bertrand S., Matthias O., Lionel T., Philippe L., Odile C., Nicolas P., Sylvie D., Elodie C., Davy C., Sabine G. Jean-Luc G., Claude C., Cédric M., Jean-Luc P., Alexandre D, Jean-François T., Anthonia B., Jean P., Sergio V. Isabelle L., Bruno D., Claudine R., Philippe H., Jean-Marie B., Olivier P., Bernard S., Marie A., Didier M., Fanny and Laurent L. , Roland D., Patrice R., Gaelle V., Benoit B., Bruno F., Emeric A., Louise D., Damien H., Anne R., Marianne V., Maeva C., Antolin D. C., Bruno M., Florian M., Guilhem H., Thierry B., Marine V., Perrine H., Anne P. Stine R., Anne S., Solange B., Louis G., Elisabeth B., Anne Marie C., Jean E., Nicolas L., Didier L., Wanda and Jean-Pierre P. L., Yannick D., Violette M., Didier M., Jerome F., Olivier R., Luc V., Ly Yann K., Estelle R., Yannick H., Marielle B., Karim T. ., Julie F., Aurélie C., Paul D., Nicolas L., Solene E., Bruno B., Catherine P., Noureddine S., Sarah L., Vlada L., Laetitia C., Bruno J., Chloé M., Pascal D., Marie Angel S., Luc P., Sarah C., Hélène Rozis L., Catherine X., Benjamin C., Beatriz M. Emmanuelle D., Odile D., Marie N., Françoise M., Benoit T., Mylaine B., Boris F., Emmanuel R., Mélanie R., Bertrand S., Jean-Francois

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  • Pays: Bénin
  • Localisation: Cotonou
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  • Demandeur: CRGB