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Chad-Pala, women empowerment through food processing activities

  Semailles à Pala


Experts-Solidaires and the Women's Association for Self-Promotion  are working together to set up a food processing project to improve families' dietary conditions and generate income for 7 farmer groups (200 women in total) in Pala in southwestern Chad. The activities foreseen in this project include training in agro-food processing, assisted acquisition of equipment, support to the 7 groups for the management and marketing of products, and a social component aimed at limiting violence against women.


Etablishing of :

  • the steaming activity of laughing by the grouping of widows of Pala
  • the transformation of maize into flour 
  • fruit processing activity 
  • the valuation activity of cashew nuts
  • the activity of manufacturing groundnut paste


  • Increased income for women beneficiaries
  • Income-generating activities are part of a logic of replication by other groups of women
  • Beneficiaries are able to manage their activities on their own
  • The inhabitants of the municipality of Pala are sensitized to the rights of women


  • The local economy is boosted and consumption of local food products increases
  • Women's literacy increases
  • Replicability of the project at the local level


  • AFAP: Women's Association for Self-Promotion


A donation campaign was held in late 2013 and early 2014 *

We have collected 12,500 EUR of private donations for this project: Many thanks to all those who support this project: France, Anne, Solène, Eric, Nina, J Pierre and Odile, Didier and Claude, Guylaine and Rémy, Didier , Cécile and Alain, Olivier and Stéphanie, Jacques, Catherine and Antoine, Elisabeth and Philippe, Marie-Ange, Emmanuel and Celine, Célia, Susana, Nourredine, Olivier, Martin, Tifenn and Raphael, Marie-Thérèse and Michel, Emmanuel, Agnes and Olivier, Jean-Pierre, Véronique, Barbara, Alain, Beatrice, Daniel, Etienne and Sophie, Olivier, Marc, Hassan and Francoise, Arnaud, , Michèle and Alain, Christine.








Additional Info

  • Pays: Tchad
  • Localisation: Pala
  • Domaines:
  • Demandeur: AFAP