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Madagascar, Tanandava Station, drinking water


The commune of Tanandava Station is located in the northern part of the region of Atsimo Andrefana, in the South West of Madagascar, 220 km north of the city of Tuléar, on the road to Morombe. Although there is no shortage of water in the municipality of Tanandava Station, access to drinking water is lacking in this locality, as the majority of the population uses and consumes unsafe water from wells, especially during the rainy season .

Indeed, 2/3 of the commune's population does not treat the water before its consumption (by boiling water or by treating it with bleach before consumption). However, 91.60% of those surveyed said that improving the access to drinking water in the municipality was a priority for improving their living conditions. A drinking water supply system was set up by the Civil Engineering Department in 2000 during the execution of the Samangoky Project (a major project for the development of the lowland hydrographic network around the Mangoky River) it has not functioned for more than 5 years due to lack of management.

Currently the system is damaged, the fountains are destroyed and the water tower is not used or maintained. The general problems of access to water in Tanandava Station are as follows:

The lack of adequate water infrastructure is a major constraint on the population's drinking water supply. The population is forced to use water of poor quality.
During the rainy season, runoff runs into existing wells, most of which are unprotected (sources of potential contamination).
Well water quality is not satisfactory. The water from the wells in the western part of the village of Tanandava is salty, brackish or muddy in the rainy season. Thus, the inhabitants of this zone go through at least 200 meters to have better water.
Contamination of wells is also likely given the small distance between a well and a pit latrine lost in the community.


  • Construction work
  • Rehabilitation of the existing storage tank
  • Extension of the network
  • Setting up kiosks
  • Installation of the solar mine drainage system


  • The drinking water supply system is in place and functional and the work carried out complies with the technical specifications.
  • The population has a sustainable access to drinking water and its sanitary conditions are improved by raising public awareness of hygiene conditions and the risks associated with the consumption of unsafe water.
  • The management of the service is provided by a private delegate, supported by the STEFI system; under the responsibility of the DREAH.


  • Improvement of health and hygiene conditions
  • Strengthening the local economy through job creation


  • HAMAP-Humanitarian
  • Rural Commune of Tanandava Station
  • Regional Directorate for Water in Tuléar

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  • Localisation: Région Atsimo Andrefana
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