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Morocco, Maguenoun - sanitation


This project aims to put in place a sanitation system for the village of Maguenoun. It is a decentralized cooperation project between the municipality of Toughmart in the Arghen valley (Province of Taroudannt, Morocco) and a municipality of Hérault, France. The main objective is to improve access to water for the rural populations of this region of the Anti-Atlas. In parallel with the technical aspect, the project includes a training component which translates into training for the local population in the village on water uses and good sanitation practices and awareness of solid waste management. In addition, user associations in charge of the management of water networks will be technically and administratively trained. Finally, the project is part of an integrated water resource management (IWRM) process.

Maguenoun is the administrative center of Toughmart, many services are present (college, boarding school, health center, weekly souk ...). In summer or in holidays, the village has 2280 inhabitants.

An EPA system has been in place since January 2016. But there is no sanitation infrastructure in the village. The inhabitants complain about the nuisance due to direct discharges into the streets (smells, mosquitoes).


  • Collection network 
  • A wastewater treatment plant with reed beds
  • A system of pre-treatment of effluents from the slaughterhouse of the souk


  • 300 inhabitants have access to sanitation
  • The effluent from the slaughterhouse is treated
  • The management of water networks is sustainable through the association of users
  • Links created between the 2 territories (Arghen and Hérault) at the level of the schools


  • Improvement of the inhabitants' living conditions
  • Improvement of village sanitary conditions
  • Better management of water resources in the Arghen valley


  • Toughmart Township
  • Association of the village of Maguenoun
  • AgroParisTech-ENGREF
  • FCI Development Office
  • Taroudant Water Service


We are currently seeking a partner for this decentralized cooperation.

Additional Info

  • Pays: Maroc
  • Localisation: Bassin de L'Arghen, Province de Taroudannt
  • Domaines: