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Cameroon, Mbankomo, drinking water and sanitation


The project aims to improve the  access to drinking water and sanitation in 20 villages located in the south of Yaoundé in Cameroon, through the installation of 20 boreholes equipped with hand pumps, 30 blocks latrines and a strong education component in sanitation and hygiene. This project was the subject of a preliminary study conducted by three pupils of AgroParisTech-Montpellier in March 2017, mandated and supervised by Experts-Solidaires.

The project consists in setting up more efficient and sustainable water management systems. It includes collective sanitation bases, by the construction of ecological latrines with ventilated pit. The objective is to make ecological sanitation a sustainable approach to recycle the nutrients contained in human excreta in order to transform them into the organic matter needed for soil fertilizatio. 


  • 20 positive boreholes equipped with a TDC are built.
  • 20 Water Points Management Committees consisting of at least 10 members
  • Four federations of management committees have been set up and centralized at the commune level
  • 30 blocks of double-pit ecological type latrines constructed


  • Access to drinking water is 100% guaranteed by the construction of 20 drilling units
  • Drinking water requirements are met daily
  • Forty fontainers are trained and responsible for the maintenance of the pumps.
  • Twenty established management committees are created, trained and set up as federations of water users
  • Thirty ecological latrines are built within village community infrastructure and in city centers
  • The population of the twenty villages has been made aware of hygiene related to access to water.


  • Access to constant and accessible drinking water, improvement of health and hygiene, reduction of the difficulty of the task of water
  • Environmental factors: reduction of sanitary risks linked to sanitation, production of natural fertilizers preserving soil fertility, emergence of a new ecological sanitation technique
  • Institutional frameworks: reinforcement of the decentralization process framework, duplicability of the project on the Cameroon Center region


  • District of MBANKOMO
  • District of LOBO
  • Association A.U.N.T.D .: Association for the Use of New Technologies for Development
  • Ministry of Water and Energy of Cameroon (MINEE)


This project is currently in the process of raising funds

Additional Info

  • Pays: Cameroun
  • Localisation: Mbankomo
  • Domaines:
  • Budget: 220 000€