L'équipe d'Experts-Solidaires vous invite à venir échanger avec ses membres sur la solidarité internationale le dimanche 2 décembre au cinéma l'Utopia de Montpellier après le visionnage du film BAMAKO de Sissako.Séance petit-déjeuner :  le cinéma ouvre ses portes à 10h30, le café, thé et les jus de fruits vous attendent, nous comptons sur vous pour apporter de bonnes et saines choses à manger et partager. La projection commence à 11h.Pour en savoir plus sur le film [...]

Experts-Solidaires assists the Regional Water Direction of Tuléar and the municipality of Ambahikily to improve drinking water and sanitation. Amandine Gilbert, an international solidarity volunteer, is on the field and currently oversees the manufacture of latrines in Ambahikily.

This project, carried out from 2016 to 2018, is financed by the SEDIF for the Water and the AESN for the Sanitation component.

The intervention of Experts-Solidaires in the water sector in Dapaong ended last week. Thanks to this project, carried out jointly with the NGO CDD and financed by the SEDIF, the Waterworks Union of Ile de France, 71 water distribution kiosks have been rehabilitated, 10 new kiosks have been built and the entire population of the city was trained in sanitation and hygiene. But above all, this project has lowered the price of water at the Kiosks from 800 to 500 FCFA per m3 (a reduction of 1.2 EUR [...]

Solidarité Bayti, an NGO of the Bordeaux Region, just concluded a pre-analysis mission in the Arghen valley, Taroudannt province, with the support of Experts-Solidaires. in the course of this mission, Solidarité Bayti could assess the good potential of the area in matter of responsible tourism, in link with the efforts made to improve access to water and sanitation in the villages of the valley.   

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