Last water kiosk built in Dapaong

The intervention of Experts-Solidaires in the water sector in Dapaong ended last week. Thanks to this project, carried out jointly with the NGO CDD and financed by the SEDIF, the Waterworks Union of Ile de France, 71 water distribution kiosks have been rehabilitated, 10 new kiosks have been built and the entire population of the city was trained in sanitation and hygiene. But above all, this project has lowered the price of water at the Kiosks from 800 to 500 FCFA per m3 (a reduction of 1.2 EUR to 0.75 EUR / m3) in the city. The Togolese Water Service, a national authority, has supported this approach and hopes to replicate it in other cities in Togo.

Here the picture of the last kiosk built by the project in Dapaong.