The Association


Introducing ourselves

Our charter

In order to build the world of tomorrow, expertise is essential in both the industralized and developing countries, to ensure fair and equal access to water, energy, food security, agriculture and to a decent habitat within a sustainable environnement.

The idea of Experts-solidaires was born from the observation that this expertise is insufficiently shared, too dependent on development financing mechanisms in which solidarity and mutual aid have no place.

As an answer to this troubling situation, and to give new meaning to our professions, we wanted to unite to put our diverse competences to good use, at the service of local initiatives which, because of their size, their bearers or their themes, do not have access to technical, institutional, social or organizational support.

In this spirit, our members are committed to providing their professional skills to communities, association and cooperatives in emerging and developing countries.

Our mission is to respond to the demand for expertise coming from these structures, to advise them, to strengthen their capacities, to set up projects and missions of expertise for the benefit of populations in precarious situations.

The exchange and transfer of skills and the non-substitution to local dynamics are the main values within which we intervene, in a logic of independence and transparency.

The Board of Directors of Experts-Solidaires

Our actions

of an exchange forum between experts in the fields of international development on Linkedin
Expertise missions
for the benefit of communities, associations and cooperatives.
for the benefit of communities, associations and cooperatives.

of local agents on technical and management aspects.

Information, mediation
Dissemination of information
on our projects and the fields of action we work in.

Our areas of intervention

  • Energy


    Experts-Solidaires wants to promote and follow public or private initiatives for a better access to clean, lasting local energies, as well as actions with energetic efficiency, mostly to benefit populations who suffer from energetic precariousness.

  • Environment


    Experts-Solidaires brings its support to communities to increase the quality of their natural resources (water, fertile soil, pastures, woodland and forests, wildlife and vegetation...), help them understand environmental problems, and research upright and coherent solutions (for example, on a scale of a watershed).

  • Housing and town planning

    Housing and town planning

    To this day, more than half the global population lives in cities. This brings us environmental issues tied to water access, sanitation and energy because cities need to stick to their commitments regarding future needs in housing access, resonated and realistic town planning, social and economic integration... Experts-Solidaires will ensure the mobilization of experts around practical questions, formulated by actors on the field, to act locally but with an overview on the general situation in which they are.

  • Food security

    Food security

    Experts-Solidaires considers food security as a prior condition for every durable development of a territory and/or a community. Our interventions are made for expanding local expertise to organize national food supply chains, develop nonfarm rural activity, increase adapted services to rural context, support production dynamics, and ensure consistency of the political public to create a prosperous economic environment.

  • Water and sanitation

    Water and sanitation

    Experts-Solidaires commits to assisting communities in: simple and robust technologies for treatment, sanitation and distribution of water, mechanisms of local funding, innovative management solutions, and perennial systems for access to technical management information and improvement of devices.

How we work

Experts-Solidaires was born from a will to bring together international solidarity and expertise. It is on this basis that the founders set the milestones of the association, and that new experts join in.

Our association, and its experts, allows local communities, associations or cooperatives, which can not afford to call on experts, to have access to high-quality advice and counselling on solidarity projects  specifically dedicated to populations in precarious situations.

Experts-Solidaires intervenes primarily to support development actors who do not have the resources to call on international expertise. Our volunteer experts are not intended to replace consultants or professionals in the sector. This is why our association does not respond to calls for tenders and basically lives on project grants. It has an office, employees, operating costs that are covered by a share of the financing of the projects it supports.
The missions of the experts are generally of 1 to 2 weeks of field work, with the aim of training and transferring competences to our partners.

The experts of the association give their days of service, in the form of volunteering or patronage of skills. The valorisation of these days represents a participation of Solidarity Experts in the projects that we support. In the field, they are paid for the cost of living and travel according to the means of the project.

By working voluntarily with our association, experts not only improve the quality of projects, but also promotes the integration our association into new countries and networks.

In this way, our organization establishes a bridge between two worlds, international solidarity organizations on the one hand and the private sector on the other, who know little about each other and who often consider themselves antagonists.

Experts-Solidaires does not carry any project locally, it does not have local offices, does not have a registration in the countries where it intervenes, because we have chosen not to substitute ourselves to local dynamics, but to support them and  guide them when necessary.

Thus, Experts-Solidaires establishes partnerships for each project, which define the nature of our intervention, its limits in liability and duration. However, we commit ourselves fully in every action, with our partners, until the final result of the action. We share with them the technical, temporal and financial constraints of the project for which we are committed.

We select the projects according to their technical relevance, their interest for the targeted populations, their potential for innovation and sustainability

Experts-solidaires is not a financing body, but many local actors do not have the means to fully fund their projects, and they need a boost for this, which is why we agree, along with our partners, and in a concerted manner, to participate in fund research.